Our work is used daily in fine dining restaurants, traveling from the kitchen to the table and back — becoming an essential part of the diner’s experience and the chef’s expression. We intentionally fire our porcelain to the same temperatures of fine industrial porcelain, and follow strict guidelines for selecting colorants and glazes with the intention of creating a safe, ethically sourced product that you, the end user, can proudly and joyfully use.



Our mission is to be the complete handmade tableware solution for the hospitality industry.  The hospitality industry is built upon high quality service and exceeding the needs of customers- we take this lesson to heart and strive to hold ourselves to the same standards. We realize the importance of listening to our customers and understanding their needs and expectations and our staff is focused on delivering products that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our focus on design and quality are targeted at achieving customer satisfaction- our goal is to form  lifelong relationships with our customers.



Ultimately, we think of our ceramic work as canvasses for the food that will be presented on it. Our aim is to enhance the experience, to execute a considered and perfectly imperfect touch. In our opinion, “good design” does not shout at you about how good it is; it is a quiet part of the conversation that is integral to elevating the entire experience.